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October, 2017

Ramesh Narayan President, 2017-18

Dear friends,

The IAA India Chapter has carved out a very special place for itself in the world of advertising marketing and media.

I am privileged to take over what has been carefully built up by successive Presidents over the years.

The IAA India Chapter has three marquee events; the Olive Crown Awards (the first and only award that salutes excellence in communicating sustainability) the IAA Leadership Awards that salutes marketers and business leaders and the IndIAA awards that positions itself as the "real" awards for "real" hardworking advertising.

All these have stood the test of time and are growing in stature every year. We shall strive to add value to these awards.

Apart from these we shall work to make the IAA India Chapter more relevant and interesting to its constituents.

An industry Association needs to commit itself to raising the bar in the areas it is active in. It should strive to provide information where it is needed, salute excellence in any sphere of relevant activity and provide a platform for healthy debate.

Equally, it should identify and promote the fundamental ethos that "what is good, is good for business".

If we can show how communication can be a force for good, we will earn the respect and loyalty of our constituents.

And that's what we should work towards.

Every Association is the combined effort of several volunteers. People who give of their time and energy and money for a common cause. I salute such people who have joined hands with me to strengthen the values and the purpose that are precious to our constituents.

Let's make a difference in every little thing we set out to do.

Warm regards,

Ramesh Narayan

President – IAA India Chapter 2017 - 2018

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