The International Advertising Association (IAA) is a unique strategic institution that addresses the common interests of all the disciplines across the full spectrum of marketing communications from advertisers to media companies as well as advertising and interactive agencies, direct marketing firms and even individual practitioners.

The India Chapter of IAA was incorporated as a not-for-profit Company in July 1991. Ten years earlier to this formal incorporation, IC-IAA was present in the form of ‘Association of Persons’. Over the last 35 years, IC-IAA have developed and delivered many innovative programmes and initiatives. Particularly it was behind the advertising self regulation movement in the country, which gave birth to Advertising Standards Council of India. IC-IAA has been in the forefront representing the industry whenever there was perceived impairment for freedom of commercial speech or occasions that could be construed as hindering consumer choice. For instance, it has taken up causes of Tax Deducted Source and Service Tax with the powers that be, when these were first introduced, and brought about clarity and transparency on the subjects.

IC-IAA in the last few years has been seen as the most active industry body that even the global body could not ignore noticing. IC-IAA India was awarded as the Best Chapter in the last two occasions this has been given, in 2010 and 2014.

The initiatives like the Olive Crown Awards, Leadership Awards, and IndIAA Awards have been seen as industry benchmarks where the entire industry participates. IAA also is known for its high profile Debates, Conversations, industry specific seminars and Emerging Agencies Conclave, all seen as both interesting and illuminating.


IAA & ISA Retrospect & Prospects

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IAA Olive Crown Awards 2024

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