Gender Representation in Advertising in India

Gender Representation in Advertising in India

Female characters in ads are prominent but highly stereotyped 

Indian advertising study reveals women dominate the screen and speaking time; portrayals bolster harmful stereotypes. 

A new study released by UNICEF and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media reveals persistent gender stereotyping in India's television and YouTube advertisements. 

The research measures over 1,000 television and YouTube advertisements aired across India in 2019. The ads were provided and translated by the International Advertising Association (IAA), which is also committed to translating the recommendations into action, beginning with a round-table discussion to be organized by the IAA with leading business representatives. 

Megha Tata, President IAA India Chapter, and Managing Director, Discovery Communications - South Asia said, “Advertising and marketing play a powerful role in the process of gender socialization and women and girls' empowerment and the India Chapter of the IAA has been at the forefront of many initiatives concerning creative nuances in communicating gender issues. Being a strategic partner to this effort has not just been exciting but also very satisfying. The Association has supported the sample base for the study and will lead the dissemination of findings in India on the importance of modelling equitable gender norms. We hope this will become a benchmark for similar meaningful studies to be conducted in different parts of the world.” 

IAA will also work with members to launch campaigns to deconstruct harmful stereotypes, in support of UNICEF's priorities.


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