IAA Knowledge And Intelligence Series Mar 16, 2021

IAA Knowledge And Intelligence Series Mar 16, 2021

In an interesting Fireside chat with D Shivakumar, Group Exec. President, Aditya Birla Group and Ashok Venkatramani, Co-Founder - Intelligent Insights Private Limited, here’s are a few thoughts from Shiv: 

On brands tagging with a social cause - Brands have a fundamental role to play in improving the lives of consumers. Focus on the brand. Focus on the consumer. Think twice - Is it necessary for the brand to tag a social cause? Is it a part of the brand book? Keep brands away from politics and religion.

Data Privacy – Use of data to help, ease consumer decision may be accepted. We will see more and more challenges from consumers and brands in terms of data violation.

New world of marketing - is 1. The browsing experience 2. Information experience 3. Buying Experience
4. Delivery Experience then is the Product Experience

Three takeaways for a new marketer - 1. You are not selling a product. You are selling an experience. 2. The distance from brand to consumer should be the fastest & least frictional. 3. It is not about data it is about insights.

On measurement – Today the measure is - Has the consumer moved to action? Where did he go buy and at what price did he buy?  But the biggest variable here is the consumer allowing you to use the data from his mobile phone.

In the darkest days, we need to have that mental strength, that fortitude, that resilience to bounce back. If you invest in yourself, you will do well.

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